Check out the following links for info on things from reference databases, study help, and voting to ratings on colleges and universities.

Online journal databases:

EBSCO: Provides access to full-text articles and information from a variety of sources including - magazines, newspapers, books, maps, TV/radio transcripts, pictures and audio/visual resources. eLibrary Canada allows researchers of all ages to search for topics by keyword, by Canadian resources only, or browse topic lists. To learn more about what information these databases contain - go ahead - click on the link AND ADD 0 IN FRONT OF THE PATRON ID  (4-digit library card number.)

INFOTRAC/Thomson Gale Database:  This source of information is made available by Knowledge Ontario. INFOTRAC is composed of a multitude of databases covering a wide variety of topics for every age/grade. To learn more about what these databases contain, go ahead - click on the link and enter your 4 digit library card number.

INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY: was founded by a class at the Michigan's School of Information.

HIGH SCHOOL LITERATURE: An extensive list of recommended reading for high school students.

TUMBLEBOOK CLOUD:   is an online collection of over 400 ebooks, read-along chapter books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books for readers in middle school and high school.

ONTARIO HISTORY QUEST: A student learning resource dedicated to discovering Ontario's history - its people, their dreams, struggles and achievements (support the grades 7, 8, 10 & 12 history curricula).

EASYBIB: The free automatic bibliography composer

LINK TO LEARNING 9 - 12: A great resource with lots of links to websites that directly support the Ontario Secondary Curriculum.

How to Study Websites: Studying techniques and tips, stress control advice, note taking tips - you will find here all these and more to help you become a more successful student.

LOOKWAYUP: online English dictionary with optional translation. It corrects your spelling plus has thesaurus and synonyms.

Driving: find out resources to help you learn to drive and pass driving tests.

Budgeting your money...who doesn't need help with that! Here is a list of some sites on tips for handling your cash.

  • CANLEARN: learning and career planning resources for students and adults. Information on financing your education.
  • EDUCATING YOUTH: have you thought about how your financial decisions will affect your future? Use the student tool kit to set goals for yourself.
  • PRACTICAL MONEY SKILLS FOR STUDENTS: check out the fourteen lessons for teens (grades 7 - 12) on money and budgeting.
  • YOUNG MONEY: money management made easy by this fun magazine for teens.
  • THE MONEY BELT: an easy-to-use web portal where young Canadians can sharpen their financial knowledge.

Scholarships/Colleges & Universities: everything from access to thousands of scholarships and bursaries to college rankings and student campus issues.

  • SCHOLARSHIPS CANADA: free, but registration is required. Links to other education or scholarship related sites.
  • STUDENTAWARDS: this Canadian site provides access to a database of thousands of scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, grants and other financial awards.
  • NEADS: National Educational Association of Disabled Students - provides links to and information on campus student groups and committees that are involved in issues and services for university students with disabilities.
  • DIRECTORY OF CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: offers a complete listing of all the colleges, career colleges and universities in Canada.
  • SCHOOLFINDER: an amazing search engine for Canadian colleges, career colleges, universities, graduate schools and even online training.
  • MACLEAN'S UNIVERSITIES: ratings and rankings by adults for universities - the only one of it's kind in Canada.

Career Cruising: an interactive career resource designed for people of all ages. If you want to find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training, you've come to the right place!

NEXTSTEPS: this site includes basic information about resumes, tips on what to include and what to leave out and advice on choosing resume styles. This site is aimed at people entering the work force. 

YOUNG VOTERS: this site is loaded with information for anyone who wants to know how elections work and indepth content on Canada's electoral system.

TATTOOING AND PIERCING: Health Canada has loads of information on the background and health risks of tattooing and ear/body piercing.

CHOOSING A PIERCER: a guide brought to you by the Association of Professional Piercer's to assist you in making a better-informed decision regarding your piercing.

QUIT SMOKING: Health Canada's site to help you quit the nicotine habit.

Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers, the award-winning and critically acclaimed database from Rosen Publishing Online, provides students with curricular support and self-help on topics including diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, mental health, diversity, family life, and more. Your user name and passwords are: elpl. Please note they are case-sensitive.

INTERNET SAFETY: safe surfing tips for teens.

eParenting Tutorial: an interactive tool to help parents increase their awareness of the ways that children and teens are using the internet for learning, entertainment and socializing and the issues they may be encountering along the way.